How to cook the perfect Pancake…even when they are Low Carb

I love pancakes!

In my pre-Keto days, I ate pancakes all the time.

One of my fondest memories as a kid was the pancake breakfast at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

We would get up at the break of dawn to go wait in a line that snaked around the buildings, several blocks away as we waited our turn for our share of the free pancakes.

By the time you got close to the breakfast, you were starving and the fact that you get to watch the volunteers cooking the golden cakes and tossing them over their shoulders so the boy scout troop kiddos can catch them on large cooking trays, didn’t help.

If you ever get a chance to go I would highly recommend it.

I think this was the start of my love of pancakes especially for dinner.

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So trying to give them up was one of the hardest parts of going Keto for me, until I found this recipe for Low Carb Pancakes by The Novice Chef Blog.

What Makes a Perfect Pancake?

See, the key to a perfect pancake is in how you cook it.

Your perfect batter is the one that allows you to cook the pancake in the following method yet has a good flavor.

Why Don’t Most Keto Pancakes Work?

The problem with most Keto pancake recipes is that many of them don’t cook like a pancake.

So, I was curious to see if this recipe could make the grade.

Creating the Batter

The first thing that caught my attention was that the instructions said to put everything into a blender.

If you have an easy to clean blender, then I would definitely recommend doing this.

Cleaning My Blender is Not Fun

But if you are like me, then your blender is a pain to clean, so I had to modify the instructions a little.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my blender…but it is a pain to clean.

Mix All the Wet Ingredients Together

I softened the cream cheese first, in the microwave, then added the eggs one at a time.

Next add your water and vanilla.

Then Blend the Dry

Blend all of your dry ingredients in another bowl and add this to the mix.

In this case, I used 3 packets of Stevia sweetener.

Now on to the best part…Cooking the Pancakes

Heat your griddle on medium high heat on your stove.

How Do You Know It’s Hot Enough?

You can test when it’s the perfect temperature by sprinkling a little water on the griddle.

It should sizzle and evaporate fairly quickly.

The First Key to A Perfect Pancake

This is one of the keys for the perfect pancake.

If you put the cakes on before the griddle is hot enough, then it won’t work as well.

Season Your Griddle

Next grease your griddle.

Which Oil to Use?

I would suggest using coconut oil.

You can use avocado oil but it will smoke and butter or olive oil just won’t be able to work well.

How to Grease the Griddle

Fold a paper towel three times, then use it to scoop out a blob of coconut oil.

Wipe the blob across your hot griddle being careful not to burn yourself.

Sometimes the paper towel can get hot.

Do I Do This Every Time?

You will only need to do this the first time. This is how you season your griddle.

Adding the Batter

You will then want to scoop out 3 heaping spoonfuls of pancake batter onto your griddle.

The pancakes will be fairly good size.

Use the Correct Tools

You will want a long, wide spatula that you can use to turn your pancakes.

When Do You Turn the Cakes?

Let the pancakes cook until the entire cake is filled with bubbles before you turn it.

In the beginning, you will only see a couple, but don’t turn it yet.

You want about 80% of the pancake to be filled with bubbles.

Is It Ready Yet? The Second Test

When it’s ready, take your spatula and just wiggle it a little under the edge of the pancake.

It will only go in about 1/4 inch.


You want to test to see if the pancake seems to be holding its shape.

If it’s not ready, then the pancake will start to break apart when you do this.

If the pancake holds its shape, then wiggle the spatula under the entire pancake.

This is where you want to have a long, wide spatula because you want as much of the pancake on the spatula as you possibly can.

Flipping the Pancake

Now quickly lift the pancake up and flip it over in one smooth motion.

Make Fewer Pancakes at a Time When Learning

When you are first learning how to do this, I would suggest only having two pancakes on the griddle at a time.

The more experience you have, then you can have four cooking at the same time.

How to Tell if It’s Ready on the Other Side

The pancake will puff up as it cooks on the other side.

You will want to wait until the pancake sinks down a little before you test it to see if you want to remove the cake from the griddle.

In order to test the pancake use the 1/4 inch wiggle method again and peak under the hot cake.

What Should It Look Like?

It should have a nice golden brown color.

If it doesn’t, then you want to let it cook a little longer.

Now It’s Done

Once the pancake reaches the desired color, you can scoop the pancake up and place it on a plate.

So Does This Pancake Batter Make the Grade?

The batter is a little thicker than regular pancake batter, so you will need to spoon the batter into circular pools instead of just letting it spread out on its own.

But these pancakes bubble nicely and turn a rich golden brown as a proper pancake should!

The Taste

The taste is delicious! It has a rich nutty flavor that meshes well with the cinnamon.

You really don’t need to add anything except melted butter. You don’t even miss the syrup.

Even my non-Keto Father loved these pancakes.

The Verdict

Would I call this recipe Pintastic? Absolutely! I didn’t even make any changes to the ingredients or their amounts.

I will definitely be adding this recipe to my go-to library.

Don’t forget to check out my resource page to see a list of my favorite things.

Please tell me what you think.

Do you feel this recipe is Pintastic? Do you eat pancakes for dinner? What toppings do you love on your pancakes? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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